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RiftAnalyst is the first video analysis tool for League of Legends. We built RiftAnalyst because we want you to be a better player, coach, video analyst, etc. Use our software to track your progress, improve and achieve your objectives.

You have to create an account here. As soon as you activate your account, you'll get an email with a 25-digit code. You then need to launch RiftAnalyst and copy/paste it in the little box. Make sure that you don’t copy some extra spaces! This may cause your license to be wrong.

Go here to find out what the differences are. But basically, from the moment you download RiftAnalyst, you’ll have unlimited access to ranked and unranked matches, unlimited projects, playlists and players and no ads.

It’s very important that you start recording your video right before the match starts. If you don’t, RiftAnalyst cannot match the Riot data accurately. But don’t panic! If this happens, you can still perform a manual analysis. Just use the buttons in the button tab to manually input the events you want.

Go to the ‘Analysis Section’, then position your video in the time (minute and second) where your match starts and click on this icon RIFTANALYST. That is the button that will help you get your video and the match data on sync.

.ROFL files are only compatible with the LoL client, therefore, we cannot import this format into RiftAnalyst. HOWEVER, you can record your match from the LoL client which will generate a .webM file. Import this file directly into RiftAnalyst and you'll be able to analyze your match!

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System requirements

Operating System Windows OS X
Min. OS version Windows 7 Lion (10.7) or higher
CPU min. Intel Core i5 2nd generation Intel Core i5 2nd generation
Recommended CPU Intel Core i7 Intel Core i7
RAM min. 4 Gb 2 Gb
Recommended RAM 4 Gb 4 Gb

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