Analyze your LoL matches like never before!

Analyze your LoL matches like never before!


Access Match Data

Access & store all ranked and unranked Match Data of your Summoner or the ones you follow


Import your Matches

Import your game videos and make a detailed analysis of your performance


Insert Drawings

Insert drawings or comments in your videos to highlight failures or achievements


Create Playlists

Create custom playlists, export them and share them with your friends or team

Access ranked & unranked match data instantly

Access and store all ranked and unranked Match Data of your Summoner or any other Summoner you follow, so you can analyze as many games as you like to track your progress. The data is stored from the moment you start using RiftAnalyst.
The more you play, the more information you will have available for analysis!


Import, sync & analyze every aspect of your LoL matches

Create a project by importing game videos from your hard drive; sync them automatically with Riot’s Match Data and analyze default actions like Champion Kills, Dragon Kills, Baron Kills, Inhibitor Kills OR additional elements that are important to your strategy like Ganks, Teamfights, SplitPush, Siege, Ultimate, Trade or any other Interesting Point.
With RiftAnalyst, YOU decide what aspects of your gameplay you want to analyze.


Tag and add drawings to actions that matter to YOU

Tag & categorize the plays that you want to learn from. Want to analyze an important teamfight that did not end in a death? Click on the ‘Teamfight’ button, tag the play and add a drawing to easily identify your successes or failures and learn from it. Apply filters to your events to quickly browse through them and instantly review them on the timeline or directly on the Rift.
Track your progress and achieve your objectives through performance analysis.


Create playlists, export them and share them with your colleagues

Group events and create playlists to have your game highlights just one click away. Create as many playlists as you want and reproduce them in RiftAnalyst’s video player. Export a playlist with your team’s ‘Epic Fails’ in low quality to share it via email with your colleagues, or a ‘Best Kills of the Week’ playlist in high quality to showcase it on your YouTube channel.
Create a reel with the highlights that you want to share with the world!


Riot’s servers store all ranked matches, but only the last 10 unranked matches. From the moment you list your Summoners on the ‘Teams’ Tab, RiftAnalyst will store all your unranked matches and your historical ranked ones so you can find them on the match data finder.

5 Summoners Unlimited

Premium members can create more than 5 playlists.

5 Unlimited

Premium members can create more than 10 projects.

10 Unlimited

Premium members will not see ads.

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Why is RiftAnalyst perfect for you

Whether you are a non-ranked or a ranked player, your desire to succeed pushes you to be better every day and RiftAnalyst will help you achieve just that. If you are a casual player and your objective is to get ranked, you may want analyze all of you unranked matches and to improve your Win Rate by studying where and when you get killed the most. If you are a pro player and you want to climb to the next division, you may want to thoroughly analyze your death percentage per lane. Set your objectives and use RiftAnalyst to track your progress exhaustively. Information is power. The more data you have, the better you’ll be at improving your weak spots or attacking your rival’s!
Your team’s objective is to get to the next division. RiftAnalyst helps you achieve this by analyzing your team’s matches. Easily import your videos, match them to Riot’s API data and analyze objective game actions (champions, towers, barons, etc.) or subjective game actions that are important to your team’s success. When you detect areas of improvement or team accomplishments, you can highlight them with drawings or text and export them as an image or a video. Share them with your teammates to clearly show their achievements or failures. Keep track of your team’s progress by analyzing consecutive matches and measuring their day to day improvements.
Creating content or commenting on LoL matches is your passion, but let’s be honest, sometimes putting together these videos can be a pain and a waste of time. RiftAnalyst, allows you to do this simply and time-effectively. What do you want to talk about in your next video? The best plays of your favorite team? The epic fails at the World Championship? Simply import your video from your hard drive and select the clips you need to put your video together. Create and export playlists in high quality, use your preferred video editor to add music or voice over and voilà. No more browsing through hours of footage! Your highlight videos only a few clicks away.
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